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Give a space to your ideas...


The construction, purchase or renovation of property is always quite an adventure...

A professional can help you avoid wasting time and spare you many annoyances.

ID-espace is a dedicated team of architects and specialists which will take care for you of
all the worries of a renovation or of a project design.

The tailored project offered by ID-espace will be the result of dialog and a trusting relationship.

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Why hire an architect?  


  • An architect is a professional, who thanks to his training and skills, can create or reshape a
    tailored space.
  • His role is to guarantee a service, to support you from design to project execution.
  • The architect makes sure that the final result is in line with technical, budgetary and
    administrative constraints (going beyond purely aesthetic details).
  • He supervises the works and makes sure the appropriate materials are used according
    to requirements and specifications.
  • He coordinates the tasks of all the craftsmen working on the project.
  • An architect's opinion is objective, he is completely independent from the companies that
    will execute your project.
  • Having an architect from the design phase and mostly during execution is a guarantee of
    a quality architectural and technical product, supported by a useful and precise organisation.




Different missions of ID-Espace...  



  • Our role here is to guide you in your choices: space planning? Major renovation?
    Adding space?
  • We analyse with you the options available to implement your project. What can you expect
    from the project?
  • Just a first contact?
  • ID-espace is by your side from the start of your project.       



Transform or renovate                                                                   [Click here to see our portfolio]

  • ID-espace will listen, analyse and make a synthesis of your needs. We carefully define
    the expectations, goals and lifestyle of the users of the building.
  • Afterwards, together we translate these values and lifestyle habits into a project.
  • ID-espace makes a diagnosis of the building.
  • The architect has sufficient perspective: position definition, architectural choices,
    and goals.
  • Analysing current situation, feasibility study.
  • A quick detailed estimate of your project will be made to specify the extent of the project.
  • Good initial design is crucial to ensure a quality renovation.
  • Whether you are renovating or doing a transformation, ID-espace will help you
    add value
    to your space.




  • Not enough space or simply wanting more space? An extension requires even more care
    than new construction.
  • Analysing existing space and how it is organised.
  • Client input and transposing your needs and wishes into architectural choices
  • Reflection phase and optimising the interactions between the old and the new spaces:
    integration and respect.
  • Aesthetic and architectural choices: build in the original style or make a contrast
    with a contemporary touch?
  • Consequences in terms of volume, shapes, materials and colours...
  • ID-espace takes into account technical aspects: can the existing building structure
    be extended? Analyse the soil? Possible connection of equipment on existing installations?
  • An extension often entails modifying external space: influences and optimisation.


New construction    

  • Analyse the project site.
  • Client input and transposing the project into plans and 3D.
  • Estimate of your project.
  • ID-espace advises you on quality materials in order to have the best technical construction.
  • Project creation integrating city planning regulation, safety, hygiene,
    ergonomic and fire safety requirements.
  • Id-espace is in charge of the professional and administrative management of the construction work.
  • Designing a living, work or hospitality space that will be the result of an
    exchange between
    the user and the designer.



Looking for a real estate project                                         [Click here to visualize the links to real estate sites]

  • We analyse the needs and wishes that your project entails. Then we guide your
    real estate search.
  • Choosing a location and thinking about existing assets.
  • Feasibility study (aspects related to design, technique, aesthetics, urban planning, functional, budgetary...)
    and potential of the identified real estate property.  
  • Determining the approximate global cost, including of course the renovation and
    tailored transformation of the space that was found.
  • The different factors that may increase the works are pinpointed. This reduces the risk of
    surprises and can help you better negotiate the price of the property.
  • ID-espace is here to help you buy a piece of property knowing all the technical and
    architectural elements that can be observed beforehand.
  • We help you find a space that is in tune with you or that could be transformed to fit your personality.
  • ID-espace will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the place.
  • We bring you our expertise to make your choices and define your future property.



Furniture design                                                                   [Click here to see our portfolio]

  • We can create customised furniture for you and for your space or project.
  • We can also offer suitable furniture choosing from a wide range of existing and competitive products.




From projects to ideas... from design to space...    



  • You have a project or ideas for a space
  • Simple recommendations, help in design or to obtain city permits
  • On site measurements
  • Encoding plans


Project creation:

  • Sketches and preliminary design proposal
  • Plan adaptation



  • Detailed estimate


Town planning, support, regulations and permit(s):

  • Permit applications if necessary


Execution file:

  • Creation of an execution file, details...
  • Asking for estimates to different contractors using descriptive measurements
  • Planning



  • Work site supervision and execution control
  • Verification and approval or rejection of bills coming from different contractors before
    these are paid by the client.
  • Precise and accurate execution
  • Creating furniture tailored to the space


Acceptance of works:

  • Interim acceptance
  • Final acceptance (a year later)




 ID-Espace assets...    


  • ID-espace provides quality work and matches your wishes with your budget:
    Detailed estimate allowing to adjust the budget.
  • Customised service, from simple advice, to large scale works or finishing work for each of
    your projects: you are not bound by set plans.                      [click here to contact ID-espace]
  • The rational management of your project allows you to get great value for money
    a smart design, planning and coordination, precise execution details.
  • Support in finding possible subsidies.                [click here to find out more about available subsidies]
  • We give recommendations on the best craftsmen for your project.
    But we serve mostly as your advisor and defend your interests: you choose the building
    craftsmen and the materials you wish to use.
  • When analysing different offers, you examine comparable execution items,
    thanks to the descriptive measurements made by ID-espace.
  • ID-espace controls the execution, according to plans and estimates.
    We are your trustworthy works manager, your single point of contact.
  • Your project can be changed during execution. No additional costs for each change to the plans.
  • The project is covered by the architect's 10-year guarantee. You also benefit from
    smart technical solutions.
  • Fees are based on all-in prices agreed upon at the start of our collaboration.


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Details make perfection, and perfection is not a mere detail...

 (Leonardo Da Vinci - 15th century)  




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